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You saw the headlines when he signed


Perhaps you also caught the footage of him firing balls home in training


All that remains now is to see Gareth Bale step back out onto the pitch in a Premier League game for Tottenham Hotspur


The wait is almost over


"He is working hard, very committed, very professional, very happy," said Jose Mourinho recently as Bale"s preparations continued

鲍尔继续进行准备工作时,穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)最近说:“他努力工作,非常投入,非常专业,非常高兴。

"I believe that the two weeks of the international break can be important weeks to his last phase of recovery and fitness problem." The countdown to the game against West Ham on Sunday is on


The buzz is there among supporters and even the players will be feeling lifted by the presence of Britain"s most successful active footballer


This Spurs squad have seen stars leave the club and others linked with moves away


易发游戏Now they are joined by a four-time Champions League winner


It is an important symbol, a statement signing with intangible benefits


But, for all the noise, all the talk of everyone being blown away by what they are seeing from Bale at Hotspur Way, these are details that will pale into insignificance when he really returns


This second stint will be defined by what he can still do on the pitch


Bale is 31, past his prime by most standards, and there is little evidence in his output to suggest that he is likely to be an outlier


He returns off the back of his least productive seasons in a decade, having scored only three goals in 20 appearances for Real Madrid


His only goal in club football over the past 12 months came in a Copa del Rey tie against third-tier side Unionistas in front of a small crowd in the university town of Salamanca


It is more than two years since he found the net in back-to-back games for Madrid


Can he turn it on again? The fear is that Bale is competing not just against opponents but the memory that supporters have of him from first time around


易发游戏To be specific, that 21-goal Premier League season that would prove to be his last at White Hart Lane, when he crashed in nine goals from outside the penalty box, a display of hitting power nobody has bettered since


Perhaps that is a battle that he cannot win, but even if those heights cannot be scaled once more, that is a matter for Bale"s legacy rather than a concern for Mourinho


Listen to the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox The practical issue for the Tottenham manager is not whether this Bale can outperform the Bale who last pulled on a Spurs shirt some seven years ago, but whether he represents a better option than those currently operating on the right side of his forward line

收听有关发布预览播客的信息:Spotify |苹果| Castbox对于托特纳姆热刺队经理来说,实际的问题不在于这个罢工是否能胜过大约七年前最后一次穿马刺球衣的罢工,而是他是否代表了比目前在前锋线右边进行操作的更好的选择。

Is Bale better than, say, Lucas Moura? That is a more straightforward question

贝尔比卢卡斯·莫拉(Lucas Moura)好吗?这是一个更直接的问题

It is also one that has what many would argue is an equally straightforward answer


Lucas has delivered only five goals during 2520 minutes of Premier League football since the start of last season


It is a poor return from the Brazilian and even as Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son have shone, the other man in attack has looked a weak link by comparison

这是巴西人的不佳回报,即使哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)和孙香敏(Heung-Min Son)发光了,相比之下,另一名受到攻击的人看起来也很脆弱

The importance of a top attacking trioFinding an upgrade is important易发游戏


It elevates Spurs


It solves a deficiency that left others with a clear advantage


Liverpool have Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah


Manchester City have Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Riyad Mahrez and many more

曼城有Raheem Sterling,Sergio Aguero,Riyad Mahrez等

Even Mourinho"s old club Manchester United looked stronger in attack following the emergence of Mason Greenwood

在梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)出现之后,甚至穆里尼奥(Mourinho)的老东家曼联(Manchester United)的进攻实力也都更加强

Dele Alli was Tottenham"s third highest scorer last season with eight Premier League goals - still fewer than the third highest scorer at each of the teams that finished in the top four

德莱·阿里(Dele Alli)是上赛季热刺的第三高得分手,拥有八次英超联赛进球-仍然少于进入前四名的每支球队的第三高得分手

But with Alli falling out of favour it has put greater onus on others


Bale can help to fill that void


He does not need to score 21 goals to do so


To make this team better he only need to score more than the man he replaces


Could he nudge this team in the right direction? Could he score the goals that Mahrez and Greenwood have been scoring from that right channel? While Bale"s recent return is poor, if Spurs are satisfied that mitigating factors contributed to his low output during his final year in Madrid, there is plenty of cause for optimism


Although there were some fluctuations in his form, Bale never dipped below 0.40 goals per 90 minutes in each of his first six seasons in La Liga


His best campaign saw him score 19 goals in the competition at a rate of almost one for every 90 minutes he was on the pitch


Overall, over the past 10 seasons of top-flight football, a period in which Bale played more than 20,000 minutes for Tottenham and Real Madrid, his 118 goals have come at a rate of 0.50 goals per 90 minutes


Helpfully, that is a goal every other complete game


Get - All channels 23 a monthLive on | Find out more about Get a Now TV Day PassIf Mourinho can get Bale on the pitch and keep him there for the bulk of their remaining 34 games of this Premier League season then, while a repeat of that 21-goal season feels beyond him, a return of something in the region of 12 goals might be more achievable


That is a significant figure with some historical clues as to what it could mean for Tottenham


Assuming that Kane and Son can also stay away from injury, given that the pair have already scored three and six goals respectively this season, that could give Spurs three players able to reach the 12-goal mark in the Premier League


Only 14 sides in Premier League history have boasted a trio of players all scoring that many goals in the same season


Every single one of them finished among the top two


The one time that Tottenham possessed that kind of firepower was in the 2016/17 season when Kane, Son and Alli all hit the mark


Coincidentally, that season was the only time in the past 57 years that the club has finished among English football"s top two


But, of course, that is no coincidence at all


It is the transformative effect of having three regular scorers on the pitch at the same time


It is the transformative effect that a fully-fit Bale could have on this Spurs side


The wait is almost over


Pitch to Post Preview podcast: Bale"s second debut assessed Peter Smith is joined by " Alan Smith on the Pitch to Post Preview podcast to look ahead to Man City v Arsenal and analyse what the Gunners can achieve this season

推销前瞻播客:贝尔的第二次登台对彼得·史密斯进行了评估,艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)参与了推销前瞻播客,以展望曼城v阿森纳并分析枪手本赛季可以取得的成就

Plus we have the latest from Spurs, where Gareth Bale could face West Ham this Sunday, and the lowdown on Crystal Palace v Brighton and Leeds v Wolves, while Ron Walker makes his bold Pitch! Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

另外,我们还有马刺队的最新消息,加雷斯·贝尔(Gareth Bale)可能会在周日面对西汉姆(West Ham),还有水晶宫(Crystal Palace v Brighton)和利兹(Leeds v)狼队(Wolves)的低迷,而罗恩·沃克(Ron Walker)则是他的大胆基调!收听音高以在以下位置播客:Spotify |苹果| Castbox


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