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How the mouths of Chelsea fans would have been watering at 3.30pm on Saturday


Chelsea"s front four had the freedom of Stamford Bridge, interchanging at will and causing Southampton all manner of problems from which they had no right to recover


Mason Mount, Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic looked free, with no set position, while Timo Werner created two fine goals for himself

梅森·摩特(Moson Mount),凯·哈维兹(Kai Havertz)和克里斯蒂安·普里西奇(Christian Pulisic)看上去很自由,没有固定位置,而蒂莫·沃纳(Timo Werner)为自己创造了两个不错的进球

Any potential talk of a Premier League goal drought was put to bed


But again, Chelsea"s defence let them down


From 2-0 up they were pegged back 2-2, the first goal from Danny Ings coming from thin air following a Havertz mistake, and the second a joint Kurt Zouma-Kepa Arrizabalaga error


They then squandered a 3-2 lead late on from the second phase of a set piece


Chelsea 3-3 Southampton - Match report and higlightsHow Chelsea and Saints lined up | Match statsFor all their attacking potential - and that"s even before Hakim Ziyech sees more than 20 minutes - Frank Lampard"s side are continuously shooting themselves in the foot

切尔西3-3南安普敦-比赛报道和高灯切尔西和圣徒队的排列方式|比赛统计数据对于他们所有的进攻潜力-甚至在哈基姆·齐耶奇(Hakim Ziyech)看到20分钟以上之前-兰帕德(Frank Lampard)的身边就不断在脚上开枪

Errors have punctuated their season, and questions over defensive solidity have hung over Lampard since he took the job last August


Chelsea have conceded an average of 1.5 goals per game in the Premier League under Lampard (63 in 43 games), the Blues" worst rate under any boss to oversee more than one game in the competition


Since Lampard arrived, only Saints, Aston Villa, West Ham and Brighton have conceded more goals of current Premier League teams


But the goals against column does not tally with other metrics


They have conceded just 379 shots - only Manchester City have faced fewer - and their expected goals against is just 44.7, over 18 goals fewer than they have actually conceded


金马旅游社That is by far the largest difference between expected goals conceded and actual goals conceded in the Premier League


This points to individual mistakes


Seven of the nine goals Chelsea have conceded this season have been down to individual mistakes in some form: Sadio Mane"s first in Liverpool"s 2-0 win on September 20 and Jannik Vestegaard"s late equaliser on Saturday the only two that have not

切尔西本赛季承认的九个进球中的七个已经归因于某种形式的个人失误:萨迪奥·曼恩(Sadio Mane)在9月20日利物浦2-0获胜的第一场比赛中,扬尼克·维斯塔加德(Jannik Vestegaard)在周六的较晚扳平比分中,只有两个没有

Lampard is fully aware, and wants game management, something that seems to have been abandoned across the Premier League this season


"They are mistakes that concern you


金马旅游社[The second goal] was a situation that we should have clearly dealt with in a much better and simpler terms


If you are going to concede those kind of goals, then it doesn"t matter how well you play in periods of games, it is something that we can"t have in our game


"There is certainly a game management element of it in a game


We want to have a lead and see it off." Could it also a structural issue? Chelsea have switched to a 4-2-3-1 this season - unavoidable with their attacking options - but it often becomes a front five with Ben Chilwell comfortable and effective up the pitch


But for all his attacking qualities, Chilwell"s high position stretches Chelsea"s defence on the turnover


Southampton targeted their full-backs with the press from the first minute on Saturday - in the first half it failed miserably, in the second half it worked wonderfully


Premier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet Get a NOW TV passEither way, and as with Saints" own approach, it"s risk and reward


At present, as can be seen across the Premier League, games are resembling a coin toss; teams are getting it wrong just as much as they are getting it right


Building shape and solidity takes time, and that may be lacking on the training ground at present


"I don"t think we are conceding goals due to the shape of the team," Lampard insisted after Saturday"s game


"Of course we have changed the shape and I have to make those decisions with the personnel we have and getting the best out of them


That is something I have to think about, but it doesn"t mean I am dead set on sticking with that formation and there can be changes and tweaks to it as we go along


It"s something we need to continue working on


It is a change


"Change needs work on the training ground, we haven"t had much of that so sometimes the work in progress is in games and today there were loads of great things from the 4-2-3-1, particularly in the first half


In the second half I wouldn"t blame the shape of the team, more that we didn"t deal with the fact that Southampton were really keen to put us under pressure in their own half


"We wanted to miss out their press, we didn"t do enough and that meant we turned the ball over in our own half, which irrespective of shape is always a problem." In this, the most bizarre of Premier League seasons, it feels like the first big team to play it safe, cynical and eradicate mistakes will set the pace at the top


Last season, Lampard was guilty of playing free-flowing football in games that begged for patience and attrition, surprising given his three-and-a-half successful years under the professor of game management Jose Mourinho

上个赛季,兰帕德(Lampard)在要求耐心和损耗的比赛中踢自由流动的足球而感到内given,考虑到他在游戏管理教授何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)任职三年半的成功经验,这令人惊讶

He has match winners in abundance, so it"s time his Chelsea side cut out the blunders and shut up shop


What"s next?Chelsea host Sevilla in their opening Champions League group game on Tuesday at 8pm, before going to Manchester United on Saturday, live on Premier League at 5.30pm



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