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Casey Stoney says her Manchester United players have learnt the lessons from last season"s defeat at West Ham ahead of their rematch on Sunday

凯西·斯通尼(Casey Stoney)说,曼彻斯特联队的球员们在周日复赛之前已经从上赛季西汉姆联的失利中吸取了教训。

United were beaten 3-2 by West Ham in December last year in a season eventually brought to a premature end by the coronavirus pandemic


WSL: Arsenal and Everton maintain perfect startsWomen"s Super League tableThere has been no such trouble though with results so far, with Stoney"s side among a cluster of teams to remain unbeaten through the first four games of the campaign


"The important thing is, we"ve got points on the board," Stoney, whose side have so far accrued 10 points from a possible 12, told News


"The opening game was never going to be easy against Chelsea and we knew that and actually squad depth wise we were really limited


So to come away with a point - and then obviously like you say we"ve got nine points from thereon in - it"s pleasing


"We know we"ve got lots to build on in terms of performances, but it was quite a bitty game on Saturday [a 1-0 win at Tottenham], with lots of free-kicks


I don"t think the referee helped that situation, to be honest


"We"ve got to find a way to win and I think that was pleasing on Saturday, we found a way to win


"We know that West Ham away is tricky, we came unstuck last year


篮球犯规动作图解We spoke about it this week, we know the lessons


We"ve got to make sure that doesn"t happen again." With Arsenal and Everton having won all four of their league fixtures this term, and Chelsea and United having not yet tasted defeat, the competitiveness of the division has been on show in the season"s opening weeks


Those impressive starts follow a summer transfer window that saw a number of high-profile players and World Cup winners move to the WSL from overseas, including USA international Alex Morgan who joined Tottenham

那些令人印象深刻的开端是在夏季转会窗口之后,许多知名球员和世界杯冠军从海外转移到WSL,包括加入托特纳姆热刺的美国国际球员Alex Morgan。

Stoney, who has been in charge of Manchester United since their formation in 2018, says she expects that closeness between sides to continue


"I think you"re seeing it a little bit already, aren"t you?" Stoney said, when referencing the league table


"Arsenal are doing really well, Everton four out of four as well, Man City dropping points at the weekend against Chelsea, we"re in and around it, so I think that gap at the top will be tighter


篮球犯规动作图解"Birmingham got their first win as well so it shows that they"re going to be hard to break down and hard to beat


I definitely think it"s going to be a very competitive season."



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