马塞洛·比尔萨(Marcelo Bielsa)独家球员:利兹车队准备从利物浦开始进行英超联赛挑战

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He is one of the world"s most revered managers, a God-like figure to some who counts Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino among his disciples

他是世界上最受尊敬的管理者之一,对于某些将Pep Guardiola和Mauricio Pochettino视为其弟子的人来说,他是上帝般的人物。

He is viewed as an enigma, an eccentric, an obsessive


He is Marcelo Bielsa, saviour of Leeds and architect of their Premier League return

他是利兹的救世主和英超联赛回归的建筑师马塞洛·比尔萨(Marcelo Bielsa)

His managerial career spans four decades


It has taken him to seven different countries on three different continents


There has been glory - although many would argue not enough - and acrimony too


Books have been written about his methods; papers published on his tactics


His idiosyncrasies only add to his aura


He sits on an upturned bucket in his technical area on matchdays and lives in a one-bedroom flat in Wetherby


There are shopping trips to Morrisons and coaching meetings in the local Costa


He is rarely seen in anything other than his Leeds tracksuit


He even wore it to the club"s black-tie centenary dinner last year


It is rare, in the theatre of modern football, for a manager to come with a genuine air of mystique but it has followed Bielsa throughout his career


He does not care for the limelight


He keeps media engagements to a minimum and speaks without soundbites, eschewing eye contact


Get | Leeds fixturesIn-depth: The fall and rise of LeedsAnalysis: What to expect from LeedsThe Premier League, though, brings another level of attention and, ahead of Leeds" opening game of the season against Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday, Bielsa has agreed to take questions from


It is, we are told, his first one-on-one interview in 27 years


It takes place, by video call, after the press conference in which he has confirmed he is staying at Leeds for another season


The news is expected but it comes as a relief to supporters nonetheless


Bielsa is nothing if not unpredictable


He left his post at Marseille one game into his second season and walked away from Lazio two days after his appointment


At Leeds, though, there is little doubt he is happy, his work unfinished


Since the celebrations which greeted their long-awaited promotion in July, he has left nothing to chance - "I haven"t had any free time to take a holiday," he says - in order to prepare his players for the challenge ahead


"With preparation, you always have to consider every aspect," Bielsa tells

“准备时,您始终必须考虑各个方面,” Bielsa告诉

"You have to prepare mentally and you have to prepare physically


I don"t know how the players are going to adjust


It"s something you have to experience before you can be sure of it." Bielsa"s devotion to the job is absolute

这是您必须确定的经验。” Bielsa对工作的热爱是绝对的

乒乓球赛策划书"His work ethic is incomparable," says Guardiola in documentary Bielsa: El Loco and Leeds


There are stories of him shutting himself away for days on end to pore over match footage


His meticulous approach to analysis is legendary, enhanced by the PowerPoint presentation he gave during the infamous Spygate saga


But it is not a reputation he much cares for


He is fixated solely on coaching, far more interested in the job itself than the discussions that go on around it


"I don"t distinguish myself by my analysis," he says


"What I do is what every manager does." Of Saturday"s opponents, Liverpool, he adds: "When we are talking about such a well-known side, the analysis I can do myself is no different to yours


They are a great team


One of the best in the world." The trip to Anfield underlines the step up in quality facing Bielsa"s side this season but Leeds swept all before them in the Championship last term, overwhelming opponents in the way Bielsa always demands from his teams; with a combination of slick passing football and breathless pressing high up the pitch


It is exhilarating to watch and its success at Leeds has been a triumph of coaching more than anything else


Bielsa has transformed their playing style without overhauling the squad


Of the side that won promotion last year, six players - Liam Cooper, Luke Ayling, Stuart Dallas, Mateusz Klich, Kalvin Philips and Pablo Hernandez - were there when he arrived in 2018


The club have invested more heavily this summer, with kick off is 5.30pm



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