沃特福德1-1伯恩茅斯:克里斯·梅普汉姆(Chris Mepham)取得补时时间均分,保持了樱桃不败的开局

时间:2020-12-12 10:45:46

Bournemouth dramatically extended their unbeaten start to life back in the Championship as Chris Mepham scored a stoppage-time equaliser in a 1-1 draw with Watford

克里斯·梅普姆(Chris Mepham)在与沃特福德(Watford)的1-1平局中获得停工时间均衡器时,伯恩茅斯(Bournemouth)大大延长了他们不败的起点

The Cherries - who were fortunate not to have Lloyd Kelly sent off early on - conceded the opener, when Croatian frontman Stipe Perica slid his first goal for the club since a summer move from Udinese (12)

切里斯-幸运的是没有提前被劳埃德·凯利(Lloyd Kelly)遣散-承认了揭幕战,克罗地亚前锋斯特佩·佩里卡(Stipe Perica)自从夏天从乌迪内斯(Udinese)移居以来首次为俱乐部进球(12)

How the teams lined upChampionship table | Fixtures | On SkyWatford were brilliant in defence and looked set to make it four straight wins at Vicarage Road until the fifth minute of time added on when Wales centre-back Chris Mepham hooked the ball beyond Ben Foster from close-range (90+5)

球队如何排位治具|在SkyWatford上,他的防守表现出色,并有望在Vicarage Road取得四连胜,直到第五分钟之后,威尔士中后卫Chris Mepham从近距离(90 + 5)超越了Ben Foster

Vladimir Ivic"s Hornets are elevated to second ahead of Saturday afternoon"s action, with Bournemouth following closely behind in fourth

弗拉基米尔·伊维奇(Vladimir Ivic)的黄蜂队在周六下午的行动之前升至第二位,伯恩茅斯紧随其后排在第四位

How Bournemouth finally breached Watford"s stubborn backlineUnbeaten Bournemouth started well at Vicarage Road, yet their game plan was almost unravelled inside the first 120 seconds when Lloyd Kelly escaped with just a booking following a reckless, knee-high lunge on Ismaila Sarr, who took some time to, gingerly, get back to his feet

伯恩茅斯如何最终突破沃特福德的顽固背线不败的伯恩茅斯在牧师之路开局不错,但在劳埃德·凯利(Lloyd Kelly)鲁Is地屈膝向前冲刺伊斯梅拉·萨尔(Esmaila Sarr)并花了一些时间之后,他们的比赛计划几乎在最初120秒内就被取消了小心翼翼地回到他的脚下

Justice was, perhaps, served when the Hornets took the lead with a superbly created goal 10 minutes later


A pinpoint diagonal ball from Craig Cathcart was collected by Sarr, who squared for Perica to stretch and tuck the ball into the bottom left corner

萨尔(Sarr)收集了克雷格·卡斯卡特(Craig Cathcart)的一个对角线球,萨尔为佩里卡(Perica)摆平并把球塞入左下角

An injury to Jefferson Lerma then saw Dominic Solanke introduced by Jason Tindall as Bournemouth searched for an equalisernba热火vs掘金

杰佛逊·勒玛(Jefferson Lerma)受伤后,伯恩茅斯(Jason Tindall)寻找均衡器时,杰森·廷德尔(Jason Tindall)介绍了多米尼克·索兰克(Dominic Solanke)nba热火vs掘金

The ex-Liverpool frontman combined well with Arnaut Danjuma and notched up several chances, unlike the somewhat subdued Josh King, who returned to the starting line-up for the first time this season

前利物浦主唱与Arnaut Danjuma组合得很好,并获得了几次机会,这与有些谦逊的乔什·金不同,乔什·金本赛季首次回到首发阵容

Get There"s no doubt the visitors had Asmir Begovic to thanks for keeping them in the game, however

毫无疑问,访问者无疑感谢Asmir Begovic将他们留在了比赛中,但是

Sarr forced the goalkeeper into a crucial point-blank save moments after the restart, while substitute Domingos Quina saw two thunderous drive turned away from danger

萨尔(Sarr)在重新启动后迫使守门员进入关键的空白时刻,而替补多明戈斯·奎纳(Domingos Quina)看到两声雷霆般的转身摆脱了危险

A shoulder injury to Perica saw the game halted as he received treatment, but while Brazilian teenager Joao Pedro was introduced in his place, Watford couldn"t find a way to seal victory, as Mepham helped Kelly"s initial strike over the line from close-range to snare an unlikely point

佩里卡的肩膀受伤使比赛在接受治疗时停顿了,但是当巴西小将若奥·佩德罗(Joao Pedro)被介绍到他的位置时,沃特福德却找不到找到胜利的方法,因为梅普姆(Mepham)帮助凯利从近距离进攻线圈住一个不可能的点

Man of the match - Nathaniel Chalobah" Don Goodman..

比赛人物-纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel Chalobah)的唐·古德曼(Don Goodman)

nba热火vs掘金"I could"ve given the award to any of the Watford backline today, but in midfield, Chalobah has been first class


I nearly gave him man of the match on the opening day against Middlesbrough but he was everywhere today and thoroughly deserved it." What"s next?Watford are next in action on Tuesday, when they travel to Adams Park to face Wycombe, while Bournemouth host Bristol City at the Vitality Stadium the following evening


Both fixtures are available to watch live on Football Red Button



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