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Padraig Amond"s injury-time goal kept Newport at the summit of League Two, while Barrow won their first Football League game since 1972瑞博备用网址

帕德拉格·阿蒙德(Padraig Amond)的受伤时间进球使纽波特队保持在第二联赛的巅峰状态,而巴罗(Barrow)赢得了自1972年以来的首场足球联赛比赛瑞博备用网址

The Exiles looked like conceding top spot to Cambridge when Jevani Brown equalised for Colchester in the 89th minute to cancel out Scott Twine"s opener

第89分钟,杰瓦尼·布朗(Jevani Brown)为科尔切斯特(Colchester)扳平比分,取消斯科特·特温(Scott Twine)的揭幕战

League Two reports and resultsLeague Two tableLeague Two highlightsBut Almond struck moments later to make it four wins in a row for Michael Flynn"s men, keeping the gap above Cambridge at two points

联赛2的报告和结果联赛2的表联赛2的亮点但阿尔蒙德(Almond)稍等片刻之后就让迈克尔·弗林(Michael Flynn)的男人连续四次获胜,将差距保持在剑桥(Cambridge)之上两分

The U"s continued their excellent run of form with a 2-0 win at Walsall, where Paul Mullin was unsurprisingly on the scoresheet

曼联继续在沃尔索尔(Walsall)2-0获胜的情况下保持出色的状态,保罗·穆林(Pau​​l Mullin)毫无意外地在积分榜上

Mullin bagged his eighth goal in five games, converting an early penalty, with Joe Ironside adding a second spot-kick late on


But Barrow earned the most prestigious victory of the night, finally winning their first game since their return to the Football League as they beat Mansfield - who sacked manager Graham Coughlan after the final whistle - 4-2

但是巴罗赢得了当晚最负盛名的胜利,最终击败了曼斯菲尔德(Mansfield)赢得了自重返足球联赛以来的首场比赛-曼彻斯特(Mansfield)在终场哨响后解雇了经理格雷厄姆·科夫兰(Graham Coughlan)-4-2

The Bluebirds, back in the fourth tier of the English pyramid for the first time in 48 years, had drawn five of their opening eight games but got over the line at Field Mill thanks to goals from Bradley Barry, Patrick Brough and Josh Kay (2)

蓝鸟队(Bluebirds)在48年来首次回到英国金字塔的第四层,他们在开局的八场比赛中赢得了五场比赛,但是由于布拉德利·巴里(Bradley Barry),帕特里克·布鲁(Patrick Brough)和乔什·凯(Josh Kay)的进球,他们在Field Mill上冲了过来(2 )

James Perch scored for Mansfield but Aaron O"Driscoll"s red card in the second half made it hard for the hosts, with Harry Charsley adding a late consolation

詹姆斯·佩奇(James Perch)为曼斯菲尔德(Mansfield)进球,但下半场亚伦·奥德里斯科(Aaron O"Driscoll)的红牌让东道主很难,哈里·查尔斯利(Harry Charsley)则为他提供了一个安慰。

Crawley enjoyed a standout win over Tranmere thanks to a first-half blitz set up a 4-0 victory


Max Watters, Tom Nichols and Jordan Tunnicliffe all scored in the opening 24 minutes, with Tyler Frost adding a fourth after the break

马克斯·沃特斯(Max Watters),汤姆·尼科尔斯(Tom Nichols)和乔丹·汤尼科利夫(Jordan Tunnicliffe)都在首场比赛中得分24分钟,泰勒·弗罗斯特(Tyler Frost)休息后再进四分

Bolton won just their second game of the season, beating Bradford 1-0


Nathan Delfouneso"s early goal was enough for the Trotters, who saw goalkeeper Billy Crellin save Billy Clarke"s second-half penalty瑞博备用网址

内森·德尔福内索(Nathan Delfouneso)的早期进球对小跑队来说足够了瑞博备用网址

Jake Young"s first-half strike kept Forest Green in the top three as they beat Grimsby 1-0, while Port Vale came from behind to beat Cheltenham 2-1, with Andy Williams" goal for the Robins being overturned by Leon Legge and David Worrall efforts

杰克·扬(Jake Young)的上半场罢工使森林绿(Forest Green)以1-0击败格里姆斯比(Grimsby),而波特维尔(Port Vale)则以2-1击败切尔滕纳姆(Cheltenham),安迪·威廉姆斯(Andy Williams)的罗宾斯队的进球被莱昂·莱格(David Legr)和大卫·沃勒(David Worrall)推翻努力

Oldham snatched a last-gasp win over Southend, Carlisle beat Morecambe 3-1, Leyton Orient and Exeter drew 1-1, while it was goalless between Harrogate and Stevenage - the visitors failing to score for a fifth successive game

欧德汉(Oldham)击败索恩德(Southend),获得最后的胜利,卡莱尔(3-1)击败莫克姆(Morecambe),莱顿·东方(Leyton Orient)和埃克塞特(Exeter)1-1,而哈罗盖特(Harrogate)和斯蒂夫尼奇(Stevenage)之间毫无目标-访客未能连续第五场得分

Scunthorpe"s game with Salford was postponed after a spate of coronavirus cases at the Glanford Park club



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