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Jaroslaw Niezgoda scored two first-half goals as the Portland Timbers clinched a spot in the play-offs with a 5-2 victory over LA Galaxy on Wednesday捕鱼达人网络版

Jaroslaw Niezgoda取得了两个上半场进球,波特兰森林人队在周三以5比2击败洛杉矶银河队的比赛在季后赛中获得一席之地捕鱼达人网络版

It is the fourth straight season that the Timbers have made the post-season while Galaxy have lost eight of their past nine games and are sitting in last place in the Western Conference


The Timbers went up early on when Niezgoda headed home towards the far post in the sixth minute


He got his second in the 19th minute, giving him seven goals on the season


Portland captain Diego Valeri then converted a penalty on the half an hour mark

波特兰队长迭戈·瓦莱里(Diego Valeri)随后将半小时罚分

MLS news | Fixtures | TablesJack Wilshere"s turning point & where next?Galaxy closed the gap to 3-1 with Pavon"s first goal less than a minute into the second half, but Eryk Williamson scored in the 60th minute and Andy Polo"s stunning volley in the 74th added to Portland"s lead

MLS新闻|治具|杰克·威尔希尔(Jack Wilshere)的转折点及下一步是什么?银河队在下半场不到一分钟的时间内将帕文的第一个进球缩小到3-1,但埃里克·威廉姆森(Eryk Williamson)在第60分钟得分,而安迪·波罗(Andy Polo)令人惊叹的凌空排在第74位增加了波特兰的领先

Yimmi Chara finished with three assists

Yimmi Chara助攻3次

Pavon added his second in stoppage time, giving him nine goals this season


Roger Espinoza scored and Sporting Kansas City clinched a play-off berth with a 1-0 victory over FC Cincinnati

罗杰·埃斯皮诺萨(Roger Espinoza)进球,堪萨斯体育城(Sports Kansas City)以1比0击败辛辛那提(FC Cincinnati)的比赛获得了附加赛

Sporting KC also moved into the Western Conference lead捕鱼达人网络版

Sporting KC也进入了西部会议的领头羊捕鱼达人网络版

Cincinnati lost their third straight match and are eliminated from play-off contention


Espinoza"s shot from close range deflected off goalkeeper Spencer Richeys left foot in the 57th minute

第57分钟,埃斯皮诺萨近距离射门偏出守门员斯宾塞·里奇斯(Spencer Richeys)左脚

Aaron Long scored in the 89th minute to lift New York Red Bulls past New England Revolution 1-0

亚伦·朗(Aaron Long)在第89分钟得分,将纽约红牛队以1-0超越新英格兰革命

Both teams clinched playoff spots later when FC Dallas beat Inter Miami捕鱼达人网络版


Long put away a half-volley from the top of the six-yard box after Tim Parkers re-directed a corner kick by Alejandro Romero Gamarra

在蒂姆·帕克斯(Tim Parkers)重新定向亚历杭德罗·罗梅罗·加玛拉(Alejandro Romero Gamarra)的角球后,长距离将六码球的顶部放了半截

Ryan Meara made two saves for his third shutout of the season

瑞安·米亚拉(Ryan Meara)因本赛季第三次缺席而两次扑救

Valentin Castellanos provided the creative spark for New York City FC as they defeated Toronto 1-0 at the Rentschler Field at Pratt & Whitney Stadium in Connecticut

瓦伦丁·卡斯泰拉诺斯(Valentin Castellanos)为纽约市足球俱乐部提供了创意火花,他们在康涅狄格州普惠体育馆的伦茨勒球场以1-0击败多伦多队

In the 51st minute, Jess Medina latched onto a rebound to score after goalkeeper Quentin Westberg could only push Castellanos" fierce shot back into the danger area

第51分钟,门将昆汀·韦斯特伯格(Quentin Westberg)只能将卡斯泰拉诺斯的猛烈射门推回危险区域,杰西·麦迪纳(Jess Medina)抢到篮板得分

Cory Burke scored on a header in the 65th minute and the Philadelphia Union beat the Chicago Fire 2-1 to go three points ahead of Toronto at the top of the MLS Eastern Conference

在第65分钟,科里·伯克(Cory Burke)头球得分,费城联盟(Philadelphia Union)以2-1击败芝加哥大火,在MLS东部会议的领先优势领先多伦多,领先三分

Kacper Przybylko scored a penalty for Union in the 28th minute

Kacper Przybylko在第28分钟为联盟打分

捕鱼达人网络版Robert Beric tied it in the 42nd minute after a pass from Djordje Mihailovic

捕鱼达人网络版罗伯特·贝里克(Beric Beric)在Djordje Mihailovic传球后第42分钟追平

Goalkeeper Andre Blake blocked Berics left-footed shot from a difficult angle in the 64th minute

守门员安德烈·布雷克(Andre Blake)在第64分钟从一个困难的角度阻止了贝里斯左脚射门

Beric also missed a header from close range in the 76th


捕鱼达人网络版Chris Wondolowski scored twice as San Jose Earthquakes beat Real Salt Lake 2-0

捕鱼达人网络版克里斯·沃多洛夫斯基(Chris Wondolowski)得分两次

Cristian Espinoza fired a shot that hit the left post and Wondolowski tapped in the rebound from close range in the 16th minute

克里斯蒂安·埃斯皮诺萨(Cristian Espinoza)开枪射中左门柱,温多洛夫斯基(Wondolowski)在第16分钟从近距离处得到反弹

Shea Salinas later crossed to Wondolowski, who tapped in his sixth goal of the season in the 74th minute

Shea Salinas随后越过Wondolowski,后者在第74分钟内攻入了本赛季的第六个进球

Wondolowski, who has 165 career goals and is the MLS all-time leading goalscorer, ended an 11-game scoreless streak


Diego Rossi and Eddie Segura scored the goals in a 2-1 Los Angeles FC victory at home to Houston Dynamo

迭戈·罗西(Diego Rossi)和埃迪·塞古拉(Eddie Segura)在休斯顿迪纳摩主场以2-1击败洛杉矶的FC中进球

Rossi, despite missing three games on international duty with Uruguay, has an MLS-leading 13 goals this season and LAFC have won back-to-back games for the second time this season


Kenneth Vermeer misplayed the ball as he came off his line and Ariel Lassiter, the 26-year-old son of former MLS star Roy Lassiter, tapped in from point-blank range in the 46th minute to cap the scoring

肯尼思·维米尔(Kenneth Vermeer)下线时打错了球,而前MLS明星罗伊·拉西特(Roy Lassiter)的26岁儿子阿里埃勒·拉西特(Ariel Lassiter)在第46分钟从点射范围内得分以限制得分

Houston are winless, with three losses, in their last five games


Daryl Dike had a goal and an assist to continue his strong rookie campaign while Chris Mueller scored a free-kick as Orlando City beat Atlanta United 4-1

达里尔·迪克(Daryl Dike)拥有一个进球和助攻,以继续他的强力新秀战役,而克里斯·穆勒(Chris Mueller)在奥兰多城以4-1击败亚特兰大联的比赛中获得任意球

The 20-year-old Dike took a pass from Ruan Gregorio Teixeira, turned and fired a right-footer inside the post to open the scoring in the 29th minute, scoring his sixth goal this season

20岁的Dike从Ruan Gregorio Teixeira传球,转过身后在门柱内向右脚开了球,在第29分钟打开了进球,这是本赛季他的第六个进球

Tesho Akindele and Matheus Aias also scored for Orlando City

Tesho Akindele和Matheus Aias也为奥兰多城得分

Erick Torres netted the reply for Atlanta

埃里克·托雷斯(Erick Torres)在亚特兰大获得了回覆

Robin Lod scored and an own goal by the Colorado Rapids helped Minnesota United to a 2-1 win

罗宾·罗德(Robin Lod)得分,科罗拉多急流队自己的进球帮助明尼苏达联队以2-1获胜

Minnesota have now won back-to-back games and are unbeaten in their last six games


On the counter-attack, Ethan Finlay played an arcing cross that Colorado"s Lalas Abubakar attempted to clear but slipped under the crossbar for an own goal in the 89th minute to give Minnesota the lead

在反击中,伊桑·芬利(Ethan Finlay)打了一个弧形交叉,科罗拉多州的拉斯·阿布巴卡(Allas Abubakar)试图清除,但在第89分钟就滑倒在横梁下争取自己的进球,使明尼苏达州领先

Lod ran onto a pass from Emanuel Reynoso and side-footed home from the top of the area to open the scoring in the 44th minute

Lod从Emanuel Reynoso传出一脚传球,然后从该区域的顶部险些摔倒,在第44分钟内打开进球

Andre Shinyashiki tied it for the Rapids in the 69th

安德烈·新雅基(Andre Shinyashiki)在第69洞与激流并列

Julian Gressel scored as DC United boosted their playoff hopes by beating Columbus Crew 1-0

朱利安·格雷塞尔(Julian Gressel)得分,DC联队(Columbus Crew)1-0击败了哥伦布队(Columbus Crew)

Yamil Asad sent a pass to Gressel, whose shot deflected off a defender and into the net in the 32nd minute

亚米尔·阿萨德(Yamil Asad)将球传给了格列塞尔(Gressel),格列塞尔的射门在第32分钟偏转了一名防守球员,并打入网中

Ryan Hollingshead scored in the 82nd minute, helping FC Dallas beat Inter Miami 2-1

莱恩·霍林斯黑德(Ryan Hollingshead)在第82分钟得分,帮助达拉斯(FC Dallas)2-1击败国际迈阿密(International Miami)

Bryan Reynolds crossed to Hollingshed, who fired a shot from close range that beat goalkeeper John McCarthy

布莱恩·雷诺兹(Bryan Reynolds)越过霍林谢德(Hollingshed),后者近距离射门,击败门将约翰·麦卡锡(John McCarthy)

Franco Jara, who has five goals in the last 11 games for Dallas, scored on a penalty kick in the 60th

佛朗哥·贾拉(Franco Jara)在过去11场比赛为达拉斯(Dallas)提供了5个进球,在第60场得分比赛中得分

Rodolfo Pizarro scored in the 33rd minute for Miami

Rodolfo Pizarro在第33分钟为迈阿密进球


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